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Adult And Children Bicycles Supplier Introduce What Are The Frame Materials

The frame is the soul of the bicycle. A good bicycle frame must meet the three conditions of lightweight, sufficient strength, and high rigidity. Below, Adult And Children Bicycles supplier Introduce frame materials include aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, and alloy steel (commonly known as steel frame).


1. Aluminum alloy frame: The aluminum alloy has a sensitive riding quality, lightweight, and high rigidity, but it also conveys every vibration response on the ground, slightly sacrificing comfort. This type of bicycle is affordable and suitable for mass riders.


2. Carbon fiber frame: Carbon fiber is characterized by high rigidity, lightweight, good acceleration, stable riding feeling, long-distance cruising, and strong comfort. However, the price of this kind of bicycle is relatively high, and the frame is too delicate, not suitable for installing any type of frame, can not bump and scratch sharp objects, and can not be clamped by the ring tube. Therefore, this type of bicycle is suitable for professional sports and local players.


3. Titanium alloy frame: The characteristics of titanium alloy are very similar to the combination of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. It can have elasticity similar to carbon fiber and enjoy the lightness and rigidity of aluminum alloy, but these benefits are much higher than the prices of other materials. achieve. Therefore, ordinary people cannot enjoy this kind of bicycle.


4. Alloy steel frame (commonly known as steel frame): Steel is the most traditional frame material for bicycles. Many modern alloy sheets of steel can achieve good results in terms of rigidity, elasticity, transmission, and stability. The disadvantage is that the weight is too heavy and the physical fitness is not good. It is not recommended to choose this type of bicycle.