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Analyze the Development Prospects of Bicycles Under the COVID-19 Crisis

The global economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis is already severe and expected to worsen. Many governments are contemplating massive infrastructure projects that can generate jobs and economic activity.

There is a strong case — for the environment, public health and the economy — to avoid projects and infrastructure that cause more burning of fossil fuels. Investing in infrastructure to support biking is exactly the type of win-win investment that will help economies recover while curbing climate change, reducing air pollution and protecting human health.

Cycling can not only improve the air quality in the city but also has a positive impact on everyone's health. Each kilometer cycled avoids 250 grams of CO2 emissions, making bicycles a key option for low-carbon transport. Regular cyclists have a 40% lower chance of getting cancer, are 40% less likely to die prematurely and are more than 50% less likely to have heart disease.

One study has shown a 15% increased risk of fatality from COVID-19 in areas with higher levels of air pollution, likely due to poorer lung health. Cycling offers a way to reduce local air pollution and increase physical activity, which improves individual resilience.

Facts have proved that in outages, natural disasters or other disruptions to urban transport systems, bicycles provide convenience for urban transportation and provide higher mobility than walking. It can be seen that the future development of bicycles is still promising.

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