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Beach Bike Manufacturer Introduces The Skills Of Using Bicycles

Beach Bike Manufacturer introduces the skills of using bicycles:


1. Keep the mount clean

There is no doubt that the better-looking bikes are more expensive, and the cleaner bikes are faster. Whether it is a mountain bike or a road bike, this principle is followed. A clean bicycle is a fast bicycle. What's more, a clean bike and handsome riding clothes will make you more psychologically pleasant and comfortable to ride. The easiest way to keep your bike clean is to enter a routine. After each ride, you only need to wipe it quickly, and after the weekend ride, perform a more thorough cleaning. Never let your bike become too dirty, because it becomes dirtier and dirtier, the more troublesome it is to clean it.


2. The habit of regularly lubricating the chain
A good chain will make the transmission system more efficient, which means that your efforts will not be wasted through mechanical inefficiency, and will also reduce the amount of dirt absorbed by the chain in the wet link. However, ensuring chain lubrication does not mean applying as much oil as possible.


3. Make sure the height of the seat bag is appropriate
Some people adjust the seat bag very low, and the body pressure is concentrated on the buttocks; some mountain bikes, learn the road bike, adjust the seat bag very high, and ride the buttocks left and right-the legs are not long enough. A wrong seat bag height will not only cause injury and discomfort, but also make your speed slower, reduce the efficiency of pedaling, and not give full play to your riding level.


4. Use lock pedals and lock shoes
Generally speaking, wearing lock shoes, with lock pedals can save 25% of the effort. It’s easier to step up the hillside that was difficult to ride before using the lock shoe to step on the bike. Especially when riding for a long time, it will feel a lot easier to step on with lock shoes. This is because: Wearing lock shoes and stepping on the car, while one foot is stepping down, the other foot can also provide pulling force to the chainring so that the stepping is more labor-saving.


5. Check tire pressure
Too soft tires will mean increased rolling resistance, which means you have to work harder to maintain an average speed, while also putting you at a smaller risk of flattening. But not necessarily the higher the pressure, the faster. Increase the grip, you can turn faster, improve comfort, and reduce long-term leg fatigue.


6. Make sure the gear is adjusted correctly
Don't use the big market blindly. If it is not durable, it will cause great damage to the knee joint. In order to maintain the optimal gear effect, the gear selection of the front chainring and the rear flywheel must keep the chain as straight as possible (parallel to the body). The chain can only maintain elasticity within a certain range, and it will wear out quickly if improperly used, especially in humid and muddy environments, the wear of the chain will grow exponentially.


7. Make sure the brake system is adjusted correctly

The brake pads of road bikes should not rub against the wheels, and the brake pads of mountain bikes should not have frictional abnormal noises. One is that it affects concentration, and the other is that there is a certain amount of physical exertion.