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Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer Introduces The Precautions For Riding A Bicycle

Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer introduces the precautions for riding a bicycle:


1. Riding equipment should be worn:
Before riding a bicycle, wear the necessary equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, and wrist guards. This can protect your body from accidental falls, so remember to wear the equipment.


2. Check the condition of your car in detail:
Before riding a bike, carefully check the various components of your car, such as brakes, tire pressure, transmission, etc., to ensure safe riding, and at the same time to prevent us from being helpless on the road.


3. Always pay attention to the surrounding vehicles:
Many tragedies are caused by carelessness. When turning corners or when there are vehicles passing by, you must pay attention to the surrounding vehicles and slow down. Do not engage in dangerous actions to prevent traffic accidents.


4. It is best not to ride the night road:
Cycling at night is the most dangerous. In the absence of street lights, when the oncoming vehicle uses high beams, it will make us invisible, so that we will hit the surrounding objects or pedestrians, which will cause harm to others. , And bring trouble to me, so in this case, it is best to pull over and wait for the car to pass by.


5. Do what you can:
The purpose of riding a bicycle is to exercise. You should gradually increase the distance you ride. Don’t ride long distances at the beginning. This will be counterproductive and damage your body. So when you feel tired, you might as well let your body rest. Adjust it.


6. To obey the traffic rules:
When riding a bicycle on the road, do not go too fast, keep to the right, do not occupy the motor vehicle lane, and do not run red* lights in a hurry, because following the traffic rules is to protect yourself from harm and respect the lives of others.