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Bicycle Supplier Introduces How To Buy Bicycles

Bicycle Supplier introduces how to buy bicycles:


1. There are two basic principles for buying a car, one is the personal financial situation, and the other is one's own hobbies.
A good bicycle will show all its excellent characteristics during a long journey. If it is a short trip, and the road is relatively flat, you can easily complete the entire journey as long as you have a 28 or 26 ordinary bicycle. The terrain during long-distance travel is very complicated. In terms of road surface, there are differences between oil roads, cement roads, and sandstone roads. In terms of terrain, there are plains, hills, and mountains. Therefore, in order to adapt to this complex terrain, you should choose a higher-grade mountain bike or off-road vehicle according to your own economic conditions. The higher the grade of the car, the more outstanding the excellent characteristics.


2. The difference between the level of the bicycle grade: The level of the bicycle grade can be reflected in every part of the bicycle. Take the frame for example. Rugged and durable is the basic requirement for the frame. At present, the materials used in bicycle frames on the market are mainly steel, aluminum alloy, and titanium carbon fiber.
The advantage of steel is that the strength, toughness, and shock absorption effect are very good, and the price is low, the disadvantage is that it is too heavy and the surface is easy to rust. The main advantage of aluminum alloy is that it is light, not easy to rust, and the price is moderate. The disadvantage is that the material characteristics are relatively brittle and the shock absorption effect is poor. The advantages of titanium alloy and carbon fiber are toughness, lightness, strength, and shock absorption effect, but the disadvantage is that they are expensive.