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City Bicycle Manufacturer Introduces How To Buy City Bicycles

A good bicycle depends on your purpose. Because if you like it, city bikes will quickly become your favorite means of transportation. Next, City Bicycle Manufacturer introduces the method of purchasing city bicycles:


1. Look at the types of roads you usually ride

Among the many alternatives, it can be divided into two categories. The first form is entirely in the form of urban, Dutch or swan neck frames, one-way and low-end. The second shape is slightly more general and is usually called the "bike for all roads".

The first type, more or less curved lines, easier to step on, without lifting the legs, this type of bicycle requires overall support, we can better see the traffic. For short-term travel, this is very pleasant, but our fatigue is faster: the transmission of force is not optimal, and when you stand straight, the wind is at its greatest.

In the second category, it restores the traditional triangular frame, with its horizontal bars roughly inclined, and reduces the defects in the first category, while still being fully suitable for urban use. A good brand can give you three or four size frames. To make the right choice, try multiple bicycles and check if the tires are inflated. You'd better spend a little time trying, instead of making a sale that you regretted for several years, and order the right size instead of using the size in the store.


2. Steel or aluminum

Do you want to use steel or aluminum for the frame? Steel can better cushion small shocks and vibrations, and its aging is quite good. The aluminum frame will be lighter but harder. A damaged aluminum frame is more difficult to repair. It can withstand shock and vibration better than steel, but it can withstand saltwater corrosion better. The frame is less than one-third of the weight of a bicycle, and it is best to be a comfortable, sturdy, and well-equipped bicycle, not a bicycle that is too light.


3. Big wheels or small wheels
For small template bicycles, a bicycle with a diameter of 26 inches or 650 mm is suitable, but this is a fairly rare choice for city bicycles or all-segment wheels, and 700mm wheels are generally required. The advantages of small wheels are robustness (shorter rays) and flexibility, but the disadvantage is that they are more susceptible to road fluctuations. Since the tire has a larger diameter, it forms an angle with a smaller path, the ground contact surface is longer, and can better absorb plane defects, the 700mm wheel also provides improved adhesion and good stability sex. Comfort depends to a large extent on the width of the tire, and the width of the tire should not be too thin, and too wide will increase the coefficient of friction on the ground. Choose a tire with a width of 35 mm to 38 mm.


4. Important details
In order to adapt the bike to your shape and customs, there is one more detail: height and tilt adjustable gallows. To avoid: ultra-short-term tail warmers can not protect too much, or have a slightly suspended basket that cannot bear the load related to its volume.