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City Bicycles Are The First Choice for Leisure And Socializing

City bicycle is a name that represents a specific type of bicycle. At the same time, “city bicycle” is also an adjective, used to describe the kind of people who love and enjoy life. City bicycles are bicycles designed for residents living in cities to relieve certain urban traffic pressure and meet people's daily travel needs.

City bicycles originated abroad. In Europe and the United States, people widely use city bicycles as the first choice for urban travel. In the bicycle capital of Europe, the Netherlands, fiets and stadsfiets are used to distinguish bicycles from city bicycles. A standard Stadsfiets (city bicycle) usually has the following characteristics: upright riding posture, fully enclosed chain box, rear wheel fender, ring lock, hub drive, motor hub, small manual bell and built-in lights.

City bicycles are more suitable for urban environments and usually have an elevated handlebar so that the rider can have an upright sitting position when riding. They don’t have many gears, but they have more material than road bikes. They may have a top central rack bar to facilitate the installation and removal of components, and front and rear racks to carry people and objects. The seat is usually larger than other bicycles, and most city bicycles are equipped with chains and tires to protect against oil and dust.

With the resurgence of domestic bicycles, bicycle culture is more and more respected by people, and the lifestyle represented by urban bicycles has become the first choice for people to travel, relax and socialize. A refreshing and stylish city bicycle demonstrates the owner's yearning for a better life and the elegant personal taste.

Now more and more people are aware of low-carbon environmental protection, and city bicycles have become a popular item in the market.Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacturing Company Co.,Ltd provides high-quality city bicycle. We have a high-quality team, absolutely worthy of your trust!