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Classic City Bicycle Factory Introduces How To Use Mountain Bikes

Classic City Bicycle Factory describes how to use mountain bikes:


1. When maintaining a constant speed cruise on a flat road, use a higher cadence instead of a higher force.


2. Even in a seemingly flat road environment, the speed should be adjusted according to the small undulations of the road surface.


3. A slightly larger gear ratio can be used when sprinting on a mountain or flat road.


4. The current mainstream way of shifting gears is to accelerate the rear derailleur to save effort, and the front derailleur downshifts to save effort; in this case, if the road conditions suddenly deteriorate or a steep slope is encountered, the driver should shift down the gear when he can't respond.


5. Avoid changing the rear dial to the large plate when exerting force. Remember to pedal vigorously at low cadence. It can cause various problems such as softening of the patella and knee valgus.


6. A special reminder for the protection of the car is to avoid the situation of big dribbling with big flying or small dribbling with small flying. When the big drive with the big fly or the small drive with the small fly, the chain is not parallel to the frame (that is, it is not straight), so the chain is easy to break and the transmission efficiency is not high. There is also the frequent cleaning of mud and sand to reduce the wear of the transmission system.