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Colorful Bicycles Factory Introduces The Use Of Mountain Bikes

Colorful Bicycles Factory introduces the use skills of mountain bikes:


1. Mountain bikes are shifted. The handlebars of mountain bikes all have a gear shifter. The right one is to adjust the gear position of the rear gear. Generally, it is 7-speed, which is 7 gears. The one on the left is for adjusting the front gear. It is a 3-speed, 3-gear position.


2. The front gear of a mountain bike is called a chainring. This is the biggest difference between mountain bikes. Both front and rear have a lot of gears. Each gear represents a different gear, and the representation is also different. The front gear represents power. The larger the gear, the greater the power of the car, and the greater the power required.


3. The rear gear is called a hub, which indicates the speed. The smaller the gear, the faster the speed. So when we need to drive at high speed, the corresponding gear is 3-7.


4. The riding posture and the height of the cushion are also very important. Normally, the whole leg is straight when the heel reaches the bottom of the pedal. The body is arched when riding.


5. Speed ​​control skills, generally, 2:6 when riding, which not only saves effort but also has a fast speed. Sometimes the riding wind is very windy and we can adjust it to 1:5, which is very labor-saving. On mountain roads, we adjust the gears according to the degree of the slope of the mountain road. If the degree is large, we reduce our strength and speed.


6. Pay attention to riding, check the condition of the car before riding to ensure the safety of riding, and we also need to have riding equipment to protect our safety.