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Development and Strategy of Urban Bicycle

With the resurgence of domestic bicycles, bicycle culture is more and more respected by people, and the lifestyle represented by city bicycle manufacturers has become the first choice for people to travel, relax and socialize. City bicycles emphasize the safety and comfort of daily use. The angles of the frame, seat, and handlebars have been adjusted in the design of the model to better solve the problem that the more complex the system, the lower the stability.

City bikes do not deliberately emphasize speed. In order to better increase stability and safety, they are heavier than road bikes and other models. In order to be more convenient for urban travel, city bicycles are equipped with space for installing front and rear brakes and mudguards.

In nearly a hundred years of performance, city bicycles have been closely related to people's lives and have provided convenience to people's lives. People connect all aspects of life through city bicycles, and they are constantly infused with people's love for life, and gradually evolved into a life attitude, becoming more and more people's fashionable lifestyle.

For bicycle suppliers, return to the essence of manufacturing, focus on upgrading and not relax, accelerate product upgrades, develop smart and sporty bicycles, transform to the high-end field of the Bai industry, and reverse the current bicycle industry's OEM-based foundry method. Transform and upgrade in the direction of diversification, high-end and branding.