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Eight Details to Pay Attention to When Buying a Folding Bike

Portable folding bikes need to be folded and have a folding structure, which virtually increases the cost of the design and reduces the rigidity and stability of the frame.

Therefore, the price of a good folding bike is generally higher than that of mountain bikes and road bikes with the same configuration, while the stability and durability can only approach the mountain or road bikes of the same price. We need to pay attention to the following eight points when buying a folding bicycle.

1. Look at the frame

The frame is the most critical part of the bicycle. Since the folding part is movable, the corresponding parts are required to be firm, and the frame should have greater strength than ordinary bicycles.

To see the frame mainly refers to the inspection of the frame's material, strength, whether there are bumps and dents, whether the welding points are smooth, and whether the paint is uniform. In addition, you can also try to fold the car to see if the painted areas such as the front fork, frame, and rear fork rub against each other.

2. Watch RouletteIf the wheel is deformed, it will form an axial jump, which is particularly easy to fall off the chain.

During the inspection, grab the pedal and turn it back quickly. If the chain does not drop and there is no irregular noise, it means there is no major problem.

3. Look at the handlebar

The handlebars of a good car should be welded together. If it is tightened with screws, it means that this folding bike is not of high grade.

4. Look at the car brakes

The brakes are related to riding safety. The most important thing to look at the brakes is to check the front brakes. The wheels of folding bicycles are generally very small, the center of gravity will move up when riding, and the front brakes are too strong and easy to roll over.

5. Look at the weight

The weight of a car made of aluminum alloy is less than 10 kg, and the price is mainly determined by the material and quality used.

6. Look at the lock

The many conveniences of folding bicycles come from the design of the folding lock, so you must pay special attention when purchasing, otherwise it will be contrary to the original intention of the purchase.

7. Look at the details

The details include whether the electroplated parts are bright, whether there is blistering, whether the paint is evenly bright, and whether the color is positive, etc.

8. Look at the size

At present, there are mainly two types of folding bicycles in the market, namely, shrink-folding and half-folding, with wheel diameters ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches. The folding mechanism is usually installed under the tip of the triangular frame. Pulling a small spanner outstretched can bring the front and rear wheels of the car together, and it can be done in 15 seconds at most.

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