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Exciting 700c Fixed Gear Bike Competition

Fixed bicycle refers to a bicycle in which the gear of the rear wheel and the rear wheel are directly fixed by bolts. 700c fixed gear bike is one of them.

700c fixed gear bike is especially popular among young people. Because it looks cool, and it fits the trend and the aesthetics of young people. In addition, riding a stationary bicycle requires certain skills and is challenging. Many young people are willing to try it.

In foreign countries, there are special fixed bicycle races. Generally divided into track racing and fancy gameplay, fancy gameplay is based on performance. The most famous track racing is the Japanese classical gambling form of track cycling, also known as round racing.

This event occupies a unique and important position in Japanese culture and is also an Olympic event. The rules of the competition are also exciting enough-after the athletes have completed a certain number of laps on the motorcycle, they will sprint for the finish line 600 to 700 meters before the finish line. The motorcycle leader rides on a fast cycling track, starting at a speed of 30 km/h, and gradually accelerating to 50 km/h.

Once the critical speed is reached, the motorcycle dodges, and the competitors are fighting for the first place. Leading motorcycles allows riders to save 20% of the energy to maintain speed. If you save and accumulate energy better before, you will have an advantage over your opponents in the final sprint. Timing is the biggest secret of the competition.

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