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Kids Bike Manufacturer Introduces How To Choose Children's Bicycles

Kids Bike Manufacturer introduces how to choose children's bicycles:


1. Whether the car is suitable for the child's physical characteristics. When shopping, choose the right size based on the age and height of the child. The international and national standards for children's bicycles are 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. If you want to make full use of children's bicycles, the most economical thing is to buy your child's first 12-inch bike after one and a half years of age, and then replace it with a 16-inch bike after two years of riding, and then replace it with a 20-inch bike after two years of riding.


2. When buying children's bicycles, parents often look at the colorful designs and choose them entirely according to their own preferences. But in fact, the most important thing when choosing a children's bicycle is to judge from the perspective of the baby's use.


3. Try to ride a suitable children's bicycle. The safety control lines of the seat and handlebars should not be exposed and should be inserted into the seat tube and front tube. The protruding part of the positioning washer installed on the guard wheel should be stuck into the notch of the rear fork, and the protruding foot of the positioning washer of the front axle fixed front fork should also be stuck into the positioning hole of the front fork leg. For bicycles over 16 inches, the braking performance of the brakes must be fully checked. The standard is the same as that for adult bicycles.


4. The frame uses aluminum alloy or steel, the transmission bearing uses metal material, the wheel hub uses steel rims, and the tires use standard inflatable inner and outer tire structures. The control is more flexible and lighter during riding and steering. Whether the material of the plastic part passes the test can be judged by observing the color and feel. The color is bright and bright, the sense of transparency is strong, and the material feels warm and moist. If the plastic parts are recycled, the color will not be bright and uniform, and when the temperature in winter is low, it is easy to break.


5. Generally, 12-inch and 16-inch bicycles are recommended not to install too many accessories. In fact, it is just that the parents are good-looking, and the children are actually struggling to ride. For a 20-inch car, the child is older and has the strength and skills to control the car. There are more opportunities to go out independently. It should be equipped with a rear hanger and a front car blue. It is equipped with front and rear mud plates. No auxiliary wheels are needed, but feet should be equipped. support.


6. The tire should have a clear pattern and a good inner tube, otherwise, parents will have a good way to exercise. Some tires are inflatable, some are solid, and solid tires are not as flexible as inflatable no matter how flexible the material is. Parents buy to pay attention.


7. See if there is a protective device. In accordance with the regulations of relevant national departments, children's bicycles with a maximum height of the saddle of a stroller equal to or greater than 560mm should be equipped with a chain cover or other protective devices.


8. Check whether the distance between the brake and the handlebar is too large. The maximum grip size between the brake and the handle of a child's bicycle is too large, and the child cannot break while riding, which can easily cause personal injury.


9. Whether the protrusion is easy to injure the child. There are strict regulations on protrusions in the stroller standard to avoid scratches and punctures on young children.