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Lady Beach Cruiser Bike Introduces The Details Of Long-distance Cycling

Lady Beach Cruiser Bike  Supplier introduces what do you need to pay attention to when you ride a bicycle for a long-distance?


  1. Generally speaking, there are road books for common routes, which can be searched on the Internet, but the road conditions change a lot every year, and you have to ask more about the road. Buy maps that indicate the number of kilometers in each section of the road. Try to buy a single map to reduce the weight.
  2. It is best to have cycling glasses. It is most useful when there are windy sand, dazzling sunlight, and a lot of flying insects in the evening. You can buy two magic headscarves. When it is cold and windy, you can put it on your knees to keep you warm and windproof.
  3. Considering your personal health, if you seldom take medicine, you can take some medicines for colds and stomachaches to relieve pain and allergies, because medicines will be sold everywhere on the road.
  4. Be sure to abide by laws and regulations and respect local customs and habits during the journey. Try to avoid discussing topics such as political, religious, ethnic, regional discrimination, and personal strength of the rich and poor.
  5. In terms of expenses, if you choose the most economical way of eating and lodging all the way, about 80 yuan per day on average. Comprehensive calculations, long-distance cycling can be budgeted at one yuan per kilometer.
  6. Bring all kinds of documents, preferably your passport. Even if you do not plan to go abroad in advance, you may encounter unplanned opportunities in the middle. After all, you may temporarily change your route.
  7. Passports and other documents should be packed in plastic bags or waterproof bags to avoid getting wet.
  8. Lightweight hair dryers are very useful, especially in Tibet. Tibet is rainy and the weather changes quickly. It is inevitable that shoes, socks, gloves, and clothes will be wet. It can be used to quickly dry clothes after staying in the store at night, which can also reduce the amount of wear. Excessive spare clothes.
  9. The water cup holder is made of metal, and the tension of the plastic is not enough, and the water cup is easy to fall when the downhill is bumpy. It is recommended to choose a space cup for the water cup, which can be directly filled with boiling water in hotels and restaurants along the way to save money for buying water. The choice of the opening is a small-mouth push so that you can drink water with one hand without getting off the bike while riding. You can bring two space cups, the small one in the car and the large one in the pannier.