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Netherlands--The Real Kingdom of Bicycles

On June 3, International Bicycle Day, although I was still at home, between the two meetings, I couldn’t help but push my bicycle to the nearby gas station for a cup of coffee, commemorating this day with a simple sense of ceremony. And also announced my preparations to start fighting against the greasy body.

Stepping on the pedals, listening to the breeze, accompanied by the blue sky and white clouds, the whole riding process is healthy and pleasant. If you don’t have to go to work, it is estimated that today’s riding time will be extended a bit, otherwise I am too sorry for so many natural and man-made tacit understandings Up. Being able to ride freely in the red lane dedicated to bicycles, cruising in motorized lanes and sidewalks, can feel a rare kind of freedom-very comfortable and very real.

I drank the coffee and the bicycle returned to the shed, but my thoughts seemed to start to spread.

In the 1980s, due to the economic conditions at the time and our invincible population base in the world, China's bicycle population reached 500 million, making it a veritable "bicycle kingdom". If you pay close attention to the documentary at that time, the most eye-catching thing in major cities must be the bicycle traffic with pedestrians. At the same time, the living conditions of many families at that time can be seen from the number and grade of bicycles, and it is one of the three most popular things when getting married.

Time soon arrived in the 1990s. Due to the further deepening of reform and opening up, private car ownership by ordinary people began to become more common. With the further improvement of the public transportation network, the number of taxis that came on hand, and the number of people commuting with bicycles began to decrease. After entering this century, the development of science and technology has made great improvements in bicycle materials, performance and use. With the intervention of shared bicycles, bicycles have returned to the public’s vision, especially in advocating environmental protection. The present of the idea. But it is undeniable that bicycles have gone from a necessary position in Chinese life to a possible position.

It can be said that before coming to the Netherlands, I still had my childhood memories of bicycles: the twenty-eight bars, the phoenix, and the permanent, and the little yellow car, Mobike added later. I have never thought about bicycles systematically, let alone cared about that. The rise of the bicycle kingdom.

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