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Public Electric Bike Supplier Introduces Bike Maintenance Skills

Public Electric Bike Supplier introduces bicycle maintenance techniques:


1. Maintenance of the transmission system: mainly smooth. The most effective wrist is to add smooth oil. What I want to remind everyone is that the chain should always be oily and flexible, especially after wading and raining, refueling in time. The moving parts of the front and rear transmissions should also be frequently filled with oil. The oil used for the chain and transmission is preferably a special anti-rust smooth oil for bicycles. Ordinary engine oil can also be used, but the effect is poor.


2. Maintenance of three-axis shaft: There are several kinds of three-axis shafts. It can be divided into ordinary shafts, sealed shafts, bearing shafts, etc. But no matter what kind of axis it is, it must be maintained in time. The opportunity is 5,000 kilometers per year. That is to say, if you run enough for 5,000 kilometers, no matter if it is less than a year, you should stop the maintenance of changing the butter once. If you run for enough for a year, no matter it is less than 5,000 kilometers. , Also change the maintenance of butter. At the same time, check the wear level of parts such as the steel ball and shaft gear, and change it when it is time. Be careful not to use engine oil to stop the smoothness of each shaft.


3. Maintenance of the braking system: The braking system is particularly important because it is related to the safety of people traveling. In addition to insisting on the flexibility and reliability of each movable part, it is necessary to frequently check the stroke clearance and wear condition of the brake block. Both sides of the stroke gap of the brake block should be kept within the range of 2-3mm. If the gap is too large, it will increase the free travel value of the brake block, which will reduce the flexibility of the brake. If the gap is too small, the brake lever may be increased and the riding strength will be increased, which will be laborious. There are more than two grooves on the surface of each brake block. If these grooves are going to be ground or have been ground, they should be replaced in time to ensure the flexibility of braking and safe driving.


4. Maintenance of brake cables and shift cables: general brake cables and shift cables have motion conduits. Both ends of these conduits will inevitably enter some dust and moisture, and some rainwater will enter on rainy days, which is easy to cause cables. If it is rusty, the thread should be pulled out, buttered around the thread, and then inserted and installed. And every year, no more than two years at most, the butter will be served again.