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Single Speed ​​City Bike Supplier Introduces The Precautions For Cycling

Single Speed City Bike  Supplier introduces the precautions for cycling:

When doing cycling exercises, pay attention to the correct riding posture. First, adjust the height of the bicycle saddle and handles. Adjusting the height of the saddle can avoid abrasions on the inner thigh and perineum or tumor-like growth of subcutaneous tissue. Adjusting the handles can help you find a good posture to avoid pain. When stepping on the toeboard, the position of the foot must be appropriate, and the force must be even. If the position of the foot is improper and the force is unevenly distributed, it will cause pain in the ankle and knee joints. Also, the position of the handle should be changed frequently, pay attention to a certain rhythm, and alternate fast and slow riding.

The amount of exercise required to ride a stationary bicycle indoors. Mainly depends on the speed of the car. The vehicle speed can be determined according to the number of pedaling times per minute, and the symbolic riding distance per minute can also be calculated according to the circumference of the bicycle wheel. Generally, after a few minutes of cycling, you should stop and count the pulse rate within 1-2 seconds to grasp the amount of exercise. If the pulse rate is too fast, it means that the amount of exercise is too large and the vehicle speed should be slowed down; if the pulse rate is slow, the vehicle speed should be increased. When you start to exercise on a stationary bicycle, you usually do it for 10-20 minutes, then gradually increase the exercise time. In the first few days, you may feel pain in the lower limb muscles, but it will disappear after a few days. You can gradually extend the exercise elbow to 30 minutes or longer. Also, you can increase the amount of exercise by adding resistance. For power bicycles and stationary bicycles, it is very easy to add resistance. If you use an old bicycle for exercise, you can use the brakes to adjust a certain resistance to increase the exercise intensity.