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The Connection and Difference between City Bike and Classic City Bike

City bicycle manufacturer is a name that represents a specific type of bicycle. At the same time, "city bike" is also an adjective, used to describe the kind of people who love and enjoy life. City bicycles are bicycles designed for residents living in cities to relieve certain urban traffic pressure and meet people's daily travel needs.

People connect all aspects of life through city bicycles, and they are constantly infused with people's love for life, and gradually evolved into a life attitude, becoming more and more people's fashionable lifestyle. People ride city bicycles through the city, looking for and discovering their own fun of life, enjoying the simplicity, exquisiteness, happiness and beauty that city bicycles bring.

The two have in common: both emphasize the safety and comfort of daily use, and adjust the angles of the frame, seat, and handlebars in the model design to better solve the problem that the more complex the system, the lower the stability.

City bikes do not deliberately emphasize speed. In order to better increase stability and safety, they are heavier than road bikes and other models. In order to be more convenient for urban travel, city bicycles are equipped with space for installing front and rear brakes and mudguards.

The classic city bicycle is exquisite in shape, suitable for daily life in the city, and its color matching is also biased towards fashion and refreshing. This makes it a good match with people's daily wear. Whether you are wearing casual sports to participate in outdoor activities, or elegant and decent to attend business meetings, or dress up retro to participate in weekend parties, you can find your own type of city car.