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The Correct Way to Use Electric Bicycles in Summer

We are about to enter the hot summer, continuous high temperature has a greater impact on the performance of electric bicycle batteries. Therefore, the maintenance of electric bicycle batteries requires more ventilation and sun protection. We provide you with three precautions for riding an electric bicycle in summer. For your safety, please strictly follow these three tips.

1. Do not expose the battery to sunlight

If the battery is charged in the sun, the high temperature and temperature rise during charging will cause the surface temperature of the battery to be very high, and the battery protective cover may be very hot, which may cause damage to the battery. Therefore, when we charge electric bicycles, we must put them in a cool and ventilated place to prevent high-temperature environments.

2. Avoid hidden dangers

In summer, many people choose to charge the electric bicycle all night for convenience, which is very dangerous. Due to the relatively high temperature in summer, the temperature rises during the charging process of the electric bicycle, and the charging time is too long, which will damage the battery, affect the service life of the battery, and cause safety hazards. The correct method is to control the charging time within 8 hours regardless of whether the charger is turned on or off. Avoid fire caused by charging.

3. Use the original charger

Different types of batteries are matched with different chargers. Mixed-use in summer can easily lead to short circuits or insufficient charging, which can damage battery life and affect travel. Therefore, the correct choice is to use the original charger to extend the battery life while charging safely.

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