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The Difference Between Adult And Children Bicycles

There are more and more cars and the roads are very crowded. The number of people who choose bicycles has also increased. Bicycles are convenient for riding without causing traffic jams. Now it is becoming more and more popular. Bicycles are roughly divided into adult and children bicycles. What are the differences between them, let me briefly introduce them to you.

The main difference between adult and child bicycles is not only the diameter of the wheels. There is also the height of the seat, the distance between the seat and the handlebar. The size of the pedal, etc.Adults riding children's bicycles will feel unable to exercise.Children riding adult bicycles cannot reach the handlebars and pedal.There is a standard boundary between children's bicycles and adult bicycles. The saddle height of children's bicycles is between 435 mm and 635 mm, and the saddle height of adult bicycles is above 635 mm, which is not divided by the wheel size.

Children's bicycles pay more attention to safety than adult bicycles. When buying children's bicycles, safety comes first.The drive chain, flywheel, and roulette of children's bicycles must be completely covered, while adult bicycles only need to cover the teeth. Children's bicycles with a saddle height of more than 560 mm must be equipped with auxiliary wheels.In terms of safety, the requirements for protrusions, fasteners, braking system, handle and saddle strength, etc. are all formulated according to the characteristics of children. For example, the holding force of the handbrake is 50N to ensure that weak children can also crash. The size of the saddle is no more than 125 mm. This is to prevent the seat from being adjusted too high and the child’s feet cannot reach the ground. These are different from adult bicycles.

Now people pay more attention to cultivating children, and children's things are becoming more and more abundant. In children's vehicles, balance bikes are becoming more and more diverse. The kids balance bike for sale on the market is also constantly growing.