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The Difference Between Classic City Bicycle And Road Bicycle

The difference between Classic City Bicycle and Road Bicycle:


1. Weight, road bikes are mostly made of aluminum, carbon fiber, or special metal tubes with a lighter pipe, which is lighter (most of the vehicles are 6-10 kg). City cars are generally made of high-carbon steel or chromium-molybdenum steel, which should not be piped and should be heavier.


2. Part specifications. Generally, the part specifications of urban bicycles are relatively low-end, while road bicycles are relatively more regulated, including material diameter, design, etc., and the guiding ideology is lightweight and pneumatic. As far as the kit is concerned, the grade of city bicycles is relatively low, such as civilian grade or junior recreational level, while road bicycles are mainly recreational medium-advanced and professional grade.


3. Riding feeling, the road bike is designed for racing, the riding posture is more radical, and the city bike is more comfortable. The seat is low and the faucet is high.


4. The wheelset has a large difference in strength. The city car generally does not need a knife wheel but uses a single lap.


5. The price is very different.