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The Influence and Future Development of Public Electric Bicycles

Public electric bike is a new type of transportation that can be shared by scanning the code and unlocking. There are already shared electric bicycles and shared electric cars. This is the result of the sharing economy in the new era.

What is behind the public electric bicycle? First, with family, friends and colleagues, in the early morning, in the evening, and on weekends, the role of shared bicycles is not only a means of transportation, just like LOL, the king of glory, so that everyone can experience the happiness. It can be very romantic and very romantic. Warm, but also spectacular, without any pressure, you can put it wherever you ride or take it wherever you play! What a genius discovery!

The second is health and environmental protection. The fast-paced society has accelerated the pace of life for everyone. Bus, Didi, private car, subway, all kinds of cars travel in a hurry, day by day, we all forget when is the last fitness time? After sharing bicycles in the same city, everyone can exercise every day, and can also reduce the travel of other cars, reduce air pollution, and reduce the pressure of mother earth. Green, healthy, low-carbon and environmentally friendly are the deeper meanings behind shared bicycles!

Although shared bicycles will cause a new series of problems: random placement, tearing of QR codes... this is a normal phenomenon and will be resolved in the future, but shared bicycles have given us convenience, environmental protection, health and enjoyment. It is what the people want!

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