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What are the Rules for Cycling in the Netherlands?

In the life of the Dutch, the classic city bicycle has become an indispensable part.

In the Netherlands, bicycle lanes are very easy to identify, and everywhere, bicycle lanes are red. On urban roads, there is a separation belt between bicycle lanes and motor vehicle lanes. The materials used in bicycle lanes are similar to the track of sports fields, and the bicycle signs will be marked on them. In the community, the general ground material is red brick, which means that it is a site for bicycles, and cars must travel slowly. The bicycle lanes are also simply and clearly marked with different signs such as turning, going straight, and waiting. The traffic lights also have traffic lights for their own vehicles. These design details ensure the safety of bicycle riding.

Since self has become the most common mode of transportation in the Netherlands, there are some basic rules when people ride bicycles.

First of all, when riding on a bicycle lane, follow the traffic lights of the bicycle. Secondly, when cycling at night, the front and rear lights must be turned on at the same time. Turning on the lights is not to illuminate the road, but to tell people in front and back that there are bicycles driving. Therefore, the car lights do not have to be mounted on the car, and the cyclist can also hang a flashing light on the back of the chest. Finally, during the ride, if you turn or stop suddenly, make a gesture, such as extending your right arm when you turn to the right so that people around you will know that you want to turn. Although these rules are very simple, they are very practical and give cyclists a lot of protection.

One of the storage methods for Dutch bikes is a basket in the front of the car. This basket is usually larger, and the largest can carry beer. Many people also put dogs or children in the basket in the front of the car. There is also a way to carry things, which is to use a bag that can be fixed on the back seat. This bag is very convenient and has a large capacity. It should be used by postmen at first, and later popularized on ordinary bicycles. It is very convenient to use it to go shopping in the supermarket.

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