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What is the Reason for Buying a Balance Bike for Children?

Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacturing Company Co., Ltd. as a professional China Kids Bike Manufacturers, summarizes your baby's use of bicycles at all stages.

Children 1-2 years old can play twist bikes, 2-4 years old can play kids balance bike, 2.5 years old can play scooters, 3 years old can play three-wheeled bicycles, and older children can play two-wheeled bicycles.

The reason for buying a balance bike can be summarized simply as follows:

1. The riding of the balance bike is powered by the baby's continuous pedaling on the ground. At the age of 2-6 years old, the baby's energetic age is suitable for cultivating the baby's body balance, coordination, flexibility and independence.

2. The balance bike provides an opportunity for children to develop their limbs and muscles. Riding a balance bike can mobilize the chest, back, and leg muscles, while exercising large muscle groups, it can also improve the baby's nerve reflex ability, so that the shoulders, spine, legs, limbs, feet, and wrists can be fully exercised, thereby promoting the baby's cerebellum Development.

3. Secondly, it will have a positive effect on future social skills and concentration training in the classroom. It can also cultivate children's independence, social skills, and build self-confidence. Increase a lot of outdoor sports, strengthen the baby's physique and resistance, and improve immunity to TV and games.

4. The balance bike can also be understood as a preschool bicycle. Children can ride a balance bike independently, which is also helpful for learning two-wheeled bicycles in the future. After training the sense of balance, they will soon be able to learn to bike.

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