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What Should I Pay Attention to When Riding an Electric Bicycle at High Speed?

You can increase the speed of an electric bike in many ways. But before that, we have to remind you of some relevant legal knowledge, please read the following two precautions carefully.

Remember that laws are different around the world, and you must comply with local regulations. Make sure you know how fast electric bicycles are legally allowed to travel in your area so as not to violate the law.

In addition, please note that using an electric bicycle to drive at a faster speed is inherently more dangerous. The kinetic energy increases exponentially as the speed increases, while the reaction time decreases, so make sure you drive safely at a higher speed.

First, ensure that the battery will have a higher voltage when it is in a higher state of charge. The speed of the DC motor depends entirely on the voltage. Therefore, higher voltage equals higher speed. However, if the battery is fully charged for a long time, the battery may be damaged and there is a risk of fire.

Since the speed of the motor depends on the voltage, using a higher voltage battery is the fastest way to greatly increase the speed. However, before upgrading the battery, you need to check whether the controller can withstand the increased voltage. Never replace the battery without checking. If the controller cannot withstand a higher voltage, the controller may explode.

Ensure that the battery gets enough cooling air to prevent the battery from overheating. Most electric bicycles already have enough cooling capacity to make the motor faster.

Secondly, the tires used for mountain bikes have a strong grip, and their wide contact surfaces can help eliminate bumps. But it is not conducive to the increase in speed, and the rolling resistance can be reduced by changing to smoother tires. But in rain and snow, please slow down to avoid accidents due to too-smooth tires.

In addition to reducing rolling resistance, we can also use higher tire pressures. Keeping the tires close to the maximum pressure rating can increase speed. But compared to soft sponge tires, the journey will be exceptionally bumpy.

Last but not least, choosing a powerful motor and using a motor with a higher RPM rating for your specific voltage can maximize the speed of the electric bike.

In the end, Zhejiang Hangyi Bicycle Manufacture CO., LTD. would like to remind you that you must abide by traffic laws when riding an electric bicycle, wear a helmet, and drive as little as possible at high speeds to provide a guarantee for the safety of you and others. To learn more about bicycles, please continue to follow us.